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MIGMED is your starting point to find all the information you need to prepare a medical tourism trip or to answer your questions.

When you prepare your project, you can take advantage of the expertise of Liaison Agencies who can accompany you and act as an intermediary between the desired place to receive care and you. This help can be very useful when it comes to doing business in a country where the language is foreign to you.

The services offered may vary from one agency to another and therefore the inscription price may also vary. Visit our FAQ page in the TOOLS section for ideas on how to choose the right agency.

Currently, there is no specific certification for medical tourism agencies in Canada but you will find some information on our Certification & quality standards page.

The list of liaison agencies is not exhaustive and can evolve regularly. Here is the distribution by province, presented by the International Institute of Research on Medical Migration:

Health Services International HSI, Quebec, funded in 2007

CubaMédika, Quebec, funded in 2013

CubaHeal, Ontario, funded in 2014

MediMed Plus, Quebec, funded in 2011

Medi-Service Cuba, Quebec, funded in 2013

Santé Esthétique Nouvelle Vision, Quebec, funded in 2015

Solutions Médicales Cuba, Quebec, funded in 2016

Multisalud Cuba, Ontario, funded in 2016

MedBrick, Quebec, funded in 2015

MedExtra, Quebec, funded in 2015

Surgical Tourism Canada, Ontario, British Columbia, funded in 2005

Timely Medical Alternatives, British Columbia, funded in 2003

International Healthcare Providers, Ontario, funded in 2009

Global Healthcare Connections Inc., Saskatchewan, funded in 2012

Passport Medical International, British Columbia, funded in 2009

Medi-Canacol, Quebec, funded in 2012

ITM Services, Quebec, funded in 2014

AceMedTour, Ontario, funded in 2011


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