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With smart phones, you now have access to a variety of applications that make life easier when it comes to managing your health. Whether it’s getting back in shape, managing a healthy menu, finding a clinic, spa, special care or even knowing the wait times in emergencies, you can install all the necessary applications rapidly.

MIGMED presents a series of mobile applications available in the fields of health, medical tourism and wellness. Visit us regularly to see the updates. If what you are looking for is more like a website, visit our Index page (National or International) in the TOOLS section.

BC Health Service Locator: Helping you find the health services you need in British Columbia
iTriage: Researcher of health response, based on the symptoms you describe. The application can provide names of medicines, doctors, lists of places for treatments, etc.
iMedicalApps: Evaluation by Health Professionals
Alberta Health Services: Helping you find the health services you need in Alberta
AHS EMS Medical Control Protocol: Access to Alberta Health Services Emergency Protocols
My Health Apps: Application to help patients and can be evaluated by patients
Doctr: Allows you to know the occupancy rates in Quebec emergency services

More applications to come


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