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Population: 11,253,000 (2016)

Languages: Spanish

Economic information: The official currency is the Cuban Peso (CUP) with which Cuban workers are paid, but there is also the convertible Peso (CUC) whose value is artificially maintained at parity with the US dollar (1CUC = US $ 1). Tourists use the CUC. The country suffers from an American embargo that prevents it from fully developing and keeps the population in poverty.

Tourism: The tourist industry has become the primary source of revenue for the Cuban government. In 2015, 1,300,000 Canadians entered the Caribbean island.

Health services: The reputation of the Cuban healthcare system is well established. Despite some shortages caused by the American embargo, Cuba has developed health services and free offers to all its population. “Cuba is the only country with a health system that is closely linked to closed cycle research and development. This is the way forward, because human health can only be improved through innovation, “she said. She praised “the efforts of the leadership of this country to make health an essential pillar of development”. Margaret Chan, WHO 2014

WHO’s global health network rankings: Soon online on MIGMED

Health Tourism: Cuba has officially designated medical tourism as a priority industry. In most resorts, you have access to a doctor if needed. In addition, many centers have an International Clinic nearby where it is possible to receive some care. It is also possible to go directly to the clinics and hospitals located in Havana that host foreigners. The management of the development of medical tourism at the international level is carried out by a company created by the Cuban government: La Comercializadora de los Servicios Medicos Cubanos (CSMC).

The CSMC develops each country separately by signing agreements with numerous liaison agencies that can accompany you in your project.

Travel advice:

Cuban Government (Cuba Tourism Bureau in Canada)

Government of Canada

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