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The MIGMED team welcomes you!

You are probably wondering why you find an Editorial on the homepage of a website dedicated to medical tourism. The reason is simple: you are not on an ordinary website but on MIGMED, the most important reference site on medical tourism, health and wellness in Canada. Everything is different and for a good reason so let us give you the portrait of MIGMED. First, you guess the name comes from “MEDical MIGration”.

The project is the cornerstone of everything related to medical tourism in Canada, health and wellness tourism, and even integrating what is done elsewhere. So, we are providing information to Canadians who want to receive medical treatment or care, in their own country or abroad and to foreigners who want to come to Canada.
Beyond what is commonly called “medical tourism”, we also address the whole phenomenon of medical migration of patients and staff.

Why would you say? At MIGMED, we believe that health care is an inalienable right, that every human being has the right to health care and well-being, according to his needs, not according to his means. Public or private? We do not make this political debate, although it is obvious that free and complete universal public health care is the ideal for all. It appears, however, that decisions are often based on politic games, budgets, ideologies, personal interests or very often simply because of lack of knowledge and skills.

“Although significant progress has been achieved in past decades, virtually all countries are under-utilizing the resources that are available to them. This leads to large numbers of preventable deaths and disabilities; unnecessary suffering, injustice, inequality and denial of an individual’s basic rights to health.”

Dr. Christopher Murray, Director of the WHO Global Program

If a health system, public or private, fails to meet the needs of its citizens, for one reason or another, they must have the opportunity to seek treatment or care from another system. They must be able to receive quality treatment and therefore have access to quality information in relation to them. No one should be left to their fate, as it’s happening too regularly.

MIGMED is therefore aimed equally at those who wish to develop medical tourism or to benefit from it, as those who want to contain and control it, regardless of the reasons. If people can get better care, here or elsewhere, through medical tourism or simply due to the fear of it, the goal of MIGMED will have been achieved.
Currently, the global market for medical tourism is valued around $100 billion annually worldwide and with the aging of the population, the growth will be more than spectacular in the years to come. We will discuss this theme in a future editorial.

Some are already wondering if we are a Medical Tourism Liaison Agency. Not at all, but MIGMED gives you all the information you need to make your choice for your health care and wellness trip.

Finally, we have a lot of project moving on so you will see over the months that the site will evolve and that this editorial will offer you a variety of visions and opinions on the subject. MIGMED will allow various medical, tourism or journalistic professionals to present editorials that will share a variety of facets on the health care system and everything related to travel for health or well-being reasons.

We hope you enjoy visiting our site and that you will find interesting information. Put us in your Favorite and feel free to contact us and follow us on social media. One of the best way to follow us is to subscribe to our newsletter.
Again, welcome to all!