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MIGMED is a specialized website on medical tourism, health and wellness tourism. Whether you want a health getaway in your province or abroad, you want to work or study abroad in the medical field, you are in the right place to find what you need.

Medical tourism and medical migrations around the world are steadily growing and already represent a market of more than $ 100 billion annually. With the aging of the population, it will only increase in the coming years. Canada will be particularly affected and the search for solutions by the users of the network will become more important in the years to come. MIGMED will be able to provide them with the information they need.

MIGMED is a meeting point that offers a wide range of resources, not only for Canadians wishing to receive health and/or wellness care abroad or elsewhere in Canada, but also for visitors seeking it while visiting Canada.

We connect all stakeholders in the field with potential users: insurance companies, medical tourism or travel agencies, tourism organizations, government agencies, charities, etc.

Cannot find what you are looking for? Write to us to help you in your research and to improve our web site: info@migmed.com

International Institute of Research on Medical Migration (IIRMM)

MIGMED also funds the IIRMM to concentrate all research-related resources in medical migration at the same location. Researchers from around the globe can obtain information from IIRMM and participate in its development.

In addition, government and non-governmental organizations now have access to a variety of reliable data and statistics on patient and medical manpower migration around the world. You want to participate in the development of research in the field? You want to become a member of the IIRMM? Follow the development of the IIRMM and subscribe to our newsletter.

See www.migmed.com/iirmm for more details.