Canada is spending $4M to fight Lyme disease

Canada is spending $4M to fight Lyme disease

The federal government is spending $4 million to aid research into Lyme disease. Health Minister Jane Philpott unveiled a federal framework to establish a Lyme disease research network this morning.

Source: Canada is spending $4M to fight Lyme disease

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  1. migmedco
    migmedco Author 30 May, 2017, 19:28

    The Government of Canada presented a conference on the subject on May 15 to 17, 2016: Conference to Develop a Federal Framework for Lyme Disease. We began to have the ability to identify known and suspected endemic areas. This shows beyond doubt that the situation is worsening and that in a few years, this will become a public health problem. According to the Center for Collaborative Infectious Diseases (CCNMI), 10% to 20% of Canadians can currently be subjected to this vector in 2014 (3.5 to 7 million people), but it is very likely that most Canadians will be exposed within a few years. It means that we can have between 700 and 1 500 cases annually. The 4M$ seems suddenly really small…

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